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Sta. Lucia touts nature-inspired developments

STA. LUCIA LAND, Inc. has a lakeside community called The Lake at St. Charbel in Cavite. — COMPANY HANDOUT

URBAN FARMING and gardening have become popular stress relievers amid the pandemic. This has prompted many home buyers to look into properties with green open spaces.

“We have seen how critical it is to have enough space to move around. Social distancing isn’t something we see as temporary. I think this will now become the norm and thus, it is important to live and reside in an area where there’s more than enough space for people to move around, have access to nature and have good air quality to breathe in,” Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. President Exequiel D. Robles said in a statement.

Sta. Lucia Land’s portfolio includes leisure farm lots at La Huerta Farms and Residences in Laguna, and a lakeside community The Lake at St. Charbel in Cavite.

Mr. Robles said the lake development and farm lots are projects that are “built for and beyond the new normal.”

“Nature or the simple idea of creating your own green space had become a perfect therapy for many individuals while on quarantine. And this is something that we fully understand and long advocated for. This is why we have in our portfolio projects that would allow residents to commune with nature and to some extent, realize their dream of becoming a full-fledged gardener/farmer,” Mr. Robles said.

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Article and Photo originally posted by Business World last September 15, 2020, 12:03am.